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Devil Pendant


A detailed and unique piece of jewelry that exudes power and sophistication

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Introducing our Heavy 3D Devil Pendant, a striking and detailed piece of jewelry that captures the essence of darkness and allure.

Design: This pendant features a highly detailed 3D devil design, with intricate raised features that give it depth and dimension. The devil’s figure is sculpted with sharp features, including horns, wings, and a menacing expression, creating a powerful and captivating presence.

Detailing: Every aspect of the devil’s design is meticulously crafted to enhance its realism and impact.

Symbolism: The Devil Pendant symbolizes rebellion, power, and temptation. It represents the allure of the forbidden and the complexity of human nature. Its bold and dramatic design serves as a reminder of the darker aspects of existence and the importance of embracing both light and shadow.

  • Size 4.8 x 3.1cm long with the loop
  • Weight: 46g in silver
  • Loop can support a 20mm chain, if you
    Important Notes:
    • All the collection comes with a trade mark stamped inside (JEWELRYRIDER) so you know you getting the authentic high quality product and not copy.
    • For the production of our jewels, we exclusively use solar energy off grid .
    • All our jewelry is 100% sterilized. Two different sterilization methods used:
      a) Ultrasonic cleaning at 50C and
      b) High pressure steam at 100C
    • NOTE:When you select Gold on silver means that all the ring will be plated with one color, yellow or rose gold.
    • All our jewelry come in a wax sealed wooden gift box.
      • About our plating methods on silver 925:

        We add as a standard a heavy coat of .40 microns 18k Gold plating & .25 microns for white and black rhodium plating .
        .40 micro inches is a relatively thick layer of gold plating and will last many years if not a lifetime if you take care of it correctly.

        Shipping :
      • Europe Union: 2 working days
      • Non Europe Union country’s: 2 working days
      • USA and Canada: 5 working days
      • The rest of the world: 5 to 7 working days
      • All parcels sent with fedex express.

    need a bigger one please let us know with your order 


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